It’s Just Speculation: Vazquez for Fielder

The Milwaukee Brewers have the worst rotation ERA in the the National League and GM Doug Melvin has recognized the need to address the issue.  But it will be hard for a team with the Brewers’ limited resources to outbid other teams for the limited crop of #1 or #2 type starters this off-season (see C.C. Sabathia).  The Brew Crew may need to deal from a position of strength this winter and trade away a slugger.

With the emergence of Casey McGehee at third base, the Brewers can move offensive powerhouse prospect Mat Gamel to first base.  This will hide his sub-par defense and allow him to concentrate on hitting a little more.  Such a move would open the team up to trading prized first baseman Prince Fielder for pitching.  Although Prince is under contract next season for $10.5 million, the following year (his last before free agency) he will be arbitration eligible and will likely command a rather large salary.  Signing him long term would be tough with Scott Boras his agent.  It would also be an unwise signing for the Brew Crew.  In a long term contract, his knees (like his father) or other parts of his body will likely start to breakdown if he stays in the field.  Prince belongs in the AL, where he can DH at least part of the time.

The Atlanta Braves have a great pack of starting pitching and could possibly have them all next season.  If they pick up Tim Hudson’s option, they’ll that Hudson, Derek Lowe, Kenshin Kawakami, Jair Jurrjens, Javier Vazquez and Tommy Hanson.  The Braves could possibly trade one of those six and still have a very strong rotation.  Javier Vazquez is having one of the best seasons in his career and has been rumored by many to be on the trading block after the season is over. 

With their need for additional offense, the Atlanta Braves could try to trade Vazquez for Fielder.  This looks like a good match up for both teams.  Of course other players may need to be added with Vazquez to balance out the trade, but the basics of the trade are there.  But it is probably the players that would be added that would be the stumbling block for such a trade.

Could it happen?  Who else would be thrown in to even out the trade?


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