Rainy Day Reading: Should the Giants Back off Lincecum?

Once in a while, while reading the various articles that Bottom9 Baseball links to, I come across an article that relates back to what I’ve already discussed.  This was the case, in a way, about an article by Harry Pavlidis at Beyond the Box Score

He wrote about how the San Francisco Giants should back Tim Lincecum off to protect his arm for the future.  This reminded me of an article I wrote about the reigning Cy Young last season entitled Lincecum to have Two more Starts.  In the article I referenced yet another article by another blog that was clamoring for the team to protect Lincecum’s arm. 

Chris, over at Bay City Ball, has written an article about some somewhat alarming observations he has seen recently about Lincecum.  The PITCHf/x numbers that are broken down about half way through the article show that Tim may be wearing down and it may not be a good time to stretch him out.

So reading this article is somewhat of a deja vue moment for me.  In Harry’s article, he did a great speed plot of Tim’s pitches over the season, showing a decline over the latter part of the season.  This provides even more reasoning why the Giant should look towards protecting their investment rather than pressing for a shot at the playoffs that they do not reasonably have a chance at.  That is unless you actually think that a .397% chance, as calculated by Baseball Prospectus, is a chance.

So you’re saying there’s a chance!

Get real Frisco.  Rest your star pitcher and let Buster Posey get used to playing in the major leagues.  With some key acquisitions this team could compete better next season.  But at this point we all know that Sabean doesn’t have that ability.


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