September Call-Ups: San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants’ September call-ups were Scott McClain, Steve Holm, Nate Schierholtz, John Bowker, Brad Hennessey, Pat Misch, Geno Espineli.  Chris over at Bay City Ball breaks them down pretty well, but here’s my take.

Brad Hennessey and Pat Misch are fringy relievers anymore.  Hennessey had some success at closer, but it seems like the league has figured him out.  It’s doubtful that Steve Holm will be on the major league roster regularly, he doesn’t hit well enough. 

Bowker, although he opened some eyes earlier in the season when he was with the Giants, doesn’t have the plate dicipline to survive in the majors.  If he makes some major strides in that aspect of his game, he could be a useful 4th outfielder, but it doesn’t look too good right now.

Probably the three most interesting call-ups are 1B/3B Scott McClain, outfielder Nate Schierholtz and pitcher Geno Espineli.  McClain, as described by Chris is a AAAA type.  But he’s put up great numbers as a 36-year-old with a .929 OPS in 472 at-bats at Triple-A.  McClain’s left/right splits aren’t that different, he does hit lefties better (as he should), but he also has a .296 average and a .902 OPS against righties. With the Giants out of contention and third base being a black hole, they should let him at least play a little to see what he’s got.  Scott’s 36, yes 36-years-old, so he probably won’t turn into a starter for next season, but he’ll be interesting to watch.  Hopefully Conor Gillaspie, who’ll be in way over his head at this point, won’t take too much playing time away from him.

Geno Espineli is a sidearming lefty that only throws in the low-80s.  Although sidearm throwers don’t have much success, there are some out there that have been effective.  Geno’s held lefties to a .224 average this season with a very good 9.41 K/9 rate.  He could be a decent lefty specialist if major league hitters don’t tee off on his slow arsenal.

Schierholtz is the key player here though.  He’s been held back in Triple-A by the a certain GM’s signings of light-hitting outfielders.  He also didn’t help himself much when he has gotten playing time in the majors last season though.  This was his second season at Triple-A Fresno and he’s performed very well both seasons, putting up OPS stats of .925 and .958 over the span.  He does have a 1.312 OPS in 25 at-bats in Frisco this season, hopefully he can keep it up and push a Randy Winn or Dave Roberts trade.

Well, hopefully, Sabean will be ousted after the season and the Giants will look to get something relatively useful for Winn so that Schierholtz can play.


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