Lincecum to have Two more Starts

The Giants, in their infinet wisdom, have decided to start start pitcher Tim Lincecum on four days’ rest next week.  This would give him two more starts before the end of the season.  Obviously, the goal of this would be to give him the chance to win two more games, giving him 19 in all and a shot at the Cy Young award.

Lincecum who hasn’t pitched more than 177.1 innings in a season yet, will likely reach 220-230 innings with those two additional starts.  That’s approximately 50 more innings in one year on a 24-year-old arm on a relatively small body.  Not exactly good for his longevity.

Chris, over at Bay City Ball, has written an article about some somewhat alarming observations he has seen recently about Lincecum.  The PITCHf/x numbers that are broken down about half way through the article show that Tim may be wearing down and it may not be a good time to stretch him out.

How about the Giants just let him have one last start and then wait for him to win it next year?  With another year under his belt, Tim will have more stamina down the stretch and would be more able to pitch 220-230 innings.  Also, if Brian Sabean is able to SOME offense, he might actually win even more.  By my count he’s had nine quality starts that the team did not win.  Sure, every start is bound to have a few of those, but in five of those, he’s given up one run or less!

Way to try to ruin your best player Giants!


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