Over Spilled Milk: 2005 Draft – AL East

Each year, with the draft approaching, I look back at a previous draft to see how the players drafted have worked out.  Essentially, most of the players that will be regulars in the majors will be up within five years of when they are drafted.  So I will be reviewing the 2005 draft.

Reviewing every draft pick by each team would take forever and would consist of a large amount of, “….didn’t work out”, or “….is out of baseball”.  So I’ll just review the picks of the first three rounds for each team and notables from each team’s later rounds.

First we’ll look at the American League East:

Baltimore Orioles

With the 13th overall pick in the draft, the Orioles took Brandon Snyder.  At the time, Snyder was a catcher, but he was moved to first base and he has slowly moved through the system to Triple-A.  He doesn’t show much for power, but may be a Lyle Overbay type in time.  The 48th pick of the draft was compensation for not signing pitcher Wade Townsend.  They took Garrett Olson with that pick.  He was decent in the minors, but never really pitched well in the majors.  Garrett was eventually traded to the Cubs for Felix Pie and then to the Mariners, where he hasn’t pitched well either.  The Orioles took outfielder Nolan Reimold in the second round.  Although he is off to a slow start this season, Nolan had a nice rookie season last year and should rebound.  Their third round pick was Brandon Erbe, a pitcher that is slowly moving through the system, but remains one of their top-10 prospects.

Later in the draft, the Orioles took David Hernandez.  This starting pitcher that pitched over 100 innings for the big league club last season, but after 8 starts this season, he’s been pushed to the pen where he may have some use as a middle reliever.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox had two picks in the first round that year.  With the first, the team selected speedster Jacoby Ellsbury who is currently burning up the basepaths in Boston.  With the 23rd overall pick (for losing Orlando Cabrera) the Sox took reliever Craig Hansen, a strikeout artist.  Hansen showed potential in the minors, but has control issues that have kept him there.  He was traded to the Pirates in the Jason Bay deal and hasn’t panned out for them. 

The supplementary round picks have turned out good so far.  Pitcher Clay Buchholz, infielder Jed Lowrie, and prospect pitcher Michael Bowden were taken for losing Pedro Martinez, Orlando Cabrera, and Derek Lowe to free agency.  Jonathan Egan, a catcher, was picked in the second round.  But he never got past A-ball in his career.

The Red Sox picked Pedro Alvarez in round 14, but he went to Vanderbilt and eventually became the Pirates’ top prospect.  They also took Astros catching prospect Jason Castro before he went to Stanford.  As well as Padres prospect Allan Dykstra (pick 1038) before he went to Wake Forrest.

New York Yankees

The Yankees grabbed C.J. Henry with the 17th pick of the draft, a shortstop that didn’t get higher than High-A.  They took J.B. Cox in the second round.  Cox was a reliever that was decent until he reached the upper minors.  About the only salvage to their first three rounds was the pick of outfielder Brett Gardner in the third round.

The best pick, outfielder Austin Jackson, was in round 8.  He was traded for Curtis Granderson this past off-season.

Tampa Rays

With the 8th overall pick the Rays took Wade Townsend, a pitcher that was taken in the first round in 2004 but didn’t sign.  He had a world of potential, but his arm took a beating at Rice and struggled the entire time in the minors.  They took pitcher Chris Mason in the second round.  He struggled in the upper minors and the Mets tried him out in their minor league system as well.  But it doesn’t look that good for him.  Bryan Morris was their third round pick, didn’t sign and was picked in the first round by the Dodgers in 2006.

The Rays picked first baseman Ike Davis with the 568th pick, but he chose to go to Arizona State before the Mets drafted him.  But the pride of the draft for the Rays is pitcher Jeremy Hellickson at 118, in the fourth round.  He’s currently blowing away Triple-A hitters, waiting for a chance at the major league rotation. 

Toronto Blue Jays   

The Blue Jays had the 6th overall pick in 2005 and took pitcher Rickey Romero.  Romero has pitcher pretty well for the rebuilding Jays.  Their only other pick in the first three rounds was outfielder Brian Pettway in the third.  But he didn’t make it past A-ball.

They had picked Brett Wallace (at 1253), but he decided to go to Arizona State.  The Cardinals drafted him in the first round in 2008, but the Jays were able to snatch him up two trades later.  He is now ripping the cover off the ball in Triple-A, waiting for a call-up.


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