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‘Over a Beer and Peanuts’ is a relatively new section on The Baseball Opinion where I have a frank question and answer session with a fellow blogger to get their opinion on issues related to the area of baseball that they cover.  It would be cool to say that we are doing this while downing a beer and popping some peanuts while watching a game, but that’s relatively impossible.  Tim Dierkes, over at MLB Trade Rumors, has taken time out during one of his busiest periods of the year to answer a few questions.  MLBTR is like crack to me.  I have to restrain myself to visiting the site only every 30 minutes while at work, especially during this busy time of the off-season.

1.    What’s the main thing you attribute the success of your website to?  The great content, constant updates, or great marketing that includes significant word-of-mouth and a shout out from the Dalai Lama of Baseball, Peter Gammons?

Thanks for the kind words.  I am going to cheat and give two answers, luck and perseverance.  Luck because I stumbled upon a niche that had perhaps not been filled in 2005, yet interests tons of baseball fans.  That was not a calculated move.  Perseverance in that I made sure to write daily regardless of the traffic or how busy I was at work or home.

2.    Name five other top names you believe will be traded this off-season.

Matt Holliday, Gerald Laird, Aaron Heilman, Scott Olsen, Kevin Gregg.  Not sure if they all qualify as top names but I do think all five will be traded.

3.    In your feature Off-Season Outlooks, you name the L.A. Dodgers as the team with the most cash to spend this winter.  I assume that you believe that they will be big movers in the off-season.  What other teams do you think we’ll see major  changes from?

The Yankees and Braves should be able to give the Dodgers competition for “most cash to spend.”  The Mets, Cardinals, and Angels also figure to make many moves.

4.    Do you think that we’ll see any more of the Johan Santana-like trades (contingent on extension agreement) happening?

Now that you mention it that was odd that Santana insisted on forgoing free agency, but he did demand a record deal.  I suppose we could see Brandon Webb take this approach in a few years, but I don’t think it will become commonplace.

5.    As a fan and analyst of trades, what benchmark trades (i.e. – the Haren deal when discussing Peavy) or trends do you feel have had, or will have, a significant impact on the trade market?

For offseason trades it’s best to compare to other trades made in the offseason.  So with starting pitchers you have Haren, Bedard, Santana to consider.  Perhaps the Miguel Cabrera trade would be another benchmark.

6.       Finally, how does it feel for your addictive website to be the main reason for the reduction in my at-work productivity and of many others as well?

It feels great!  Everyone deserves to break up the work day by catching up on the latest rumors.








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