Over Spilled Milk: 2005 Draft – Best/Worst

Looking back on the 2005 draft through the Over Spilled Milk series, you can tell that a number of teams benefited from the draft that season.  From the first overall pick, Justin Upton, to the 680th pick in Jamie Garcia, the draft has provided talent have impacted major league teams.  But who had the best draft and who was the worst?

When considering this question, you should dig into who they drafted, regardless of if they signed.  Like the Atlanta Braves, who rest in the top 5, drafted Joey Devine, Yunel Escobar, Tommy Hanson, and Andrew Cashner.  Cashner didn’t sign with the Braves, but it was good scouting that led to the pick.  The Braves staff may not have expected to sign Cashner, but they probably made a push to sign the now-Cubbie pitcher as they knew his abilities.

Also in this line of thinking were two other top-5 teams in my book.  The Milwaukee Brewers with Ryan Braun, Mat Gamel, and Michael Brantley.  But they also drafted Andrew Bailey and Jake Arrieta, failing to sign either one (Both would’ve been great additions to the current team).  The St. Louis Cardinals had Colby Rasmus, Tyler Greene, Mitchel Boggs, and late find Jamie Garcia.  They also drafted Daniel McCutchen, who drew the interest of the Yankees when he was re-drafted, and the Pirates when they traded for him.

The Minnesota Twins had a good draft of arms.  They picked up Matt Garza, Kevin Slowey, Brian Duensing, and Alex Burnett that year.

But it is the Boston Red Sox that takes home the gold as they drafted Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie, Michael Bowden, and another player that didn’t sign, Pedro Alvarez.  It would be interesting to see how/if Alvarez’ presence would’ve changed anything in Beantown.  Would the Sox have allowed him to get more seasoning in the minors and let him come up after Adrian Beltre‘s contract is up, or would they attempt to keep Beltre’s superior defense around and use Alvarez as a DH/1B type?

As for the worst draft, you have to look at few different teams.  The Kansas City Royals, who had the 2nd overall pick in each round of the draft, have only Alex Gordon to show for it so far and he’s in Triple-A.  But there’s also the Houston Astros with only Tommy Manzella appearing in the majors.  Manzella is looking more and more like a utility player than a starter at short though.

But the worst should go to the Chicago Cubs.  Second round pick Donald Veal has been the only one to see the bigs, and that was a short stint with the Pirates who picked him up when he was exposed in the Rule 5 pick.  Veal is injured and his likelyhood for future success in the majors is limited.

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox for having the best draft in 2005!


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