It’s Just Speculation: Ted Lilly to New York

With the Mets clinging on to the race for the NL East and having a decent chance in the NL Wild Card, they are in need of an improvement to help them over the hump.  One of the bigger rumors lately has been that the Mets are wanting to add a veteran arm in the rotation to help them down the stretch. 

In a recent article by Jon Heyman of, a few GMs noted to him that the Mets make sense as a destination for Ted Lilly.  Lilly is a veteran lefty that would give some additional experience to a relatively young rotation behind Johan Santana.  He would likely displace Hisanori Takahashi from the rotation, unless the aberration that is R.A. Dickey comes to an end and hitters start to square up on his knuckle ball.

But what would it take to get Lilly in a Met uniform?  MLB Trade Rumors recently looked at Lilly’s value, comparing a possible trade for him to the one that sent Jarrod Washburn from the Mariners to the Tigers last season.  That trade sent prospects  Luke French and Mauricio Robles to the Mariners.  Both were fringy pitching prospects, but the lefty Robles had a little more potential.  French has struggled mightily since and Robles has had trouble with walks.

I can see the tight-payrolled Mets giving slightly better prospects if the Cubs agree to eat some of the salary remaining on Lilly’s contract.  Could we see two fringy pitchers like:

RHP Eric Beaulac
RHP Armando Rodriguez

LHP Robert Carson
RHP Josh Stinson

Lefties are devoured in trades like candy falling out of a pinata at a party.  So I could see the Cubs taking a flyer on Carson.  Stinson is pitching decently at Double-A and could be a year or so away from a relief role in the bigs. 

Could Carson and Stinson get it done, or will it take at least one pitcher with a little more potential? Someone like LHP Eric Niesen or LHP Juan Urbina?

Although the Mets’ farm system is relatively barren beyond Jenrry Mejia, Wilmer Flores, Reese Havens and Fernando Martinez, they could have enough to pull off a trade for Lilly and shore up their rotation for the stretch run.

What are your trade packages for Lilly?


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