Trade Bait: Jocketty Picks Up Edmonds Again

The Cincinnati Reds are pushing for a little more offense and a little more veteran stability in the outfield as they make a push for their first playoff appearance since 1995.  Team GM Walt Jocketty has picked up old friend Jim Edmonds from the Milwaukee Brewers, marking the second time he’s traded for the veteran outfielder.

Edmonds is batting a very nice .286/.350/.493 in 240 plate appearances this season after sitting out all of 2009.  He has been shielded against lefties in the process though, so he probably cannot be counted on as anything more than a platoon outfielder at the point.  But matching him up with current right-handed hitters Jonny Gomes and Drew Stubbs should improve the team’s overall offense.  He’ll also be a good defensive substitution for Jonny Gomes at times too.

In return, the Milwaukee Brewers receive Chris Dickerson from the Reds.  In the limited playing time that he’s received in the majors, Dickerson has held high OBPs, but has struggled against left-handed pitchers.  If he’s able to figure out lefties a little better, Dickerson could be a decent everyday center fielder and lead off hitter for the Brewers.  Ideologically, you’d think he’d team up well with the right-handed Carlos Gomez in a platoon for center field, but Gomez hits lefties worse than right handers.

This trade looks good for both sides.  Edmonds wasn’t going to net the Brewers anything after the season, so dealing him to get something of relative worth was a good move.  Meanwhile, the Reds improve their offense and their defense in the outfield as they try to fight off the St. Louis Cardinals’ playoff march in the NL Central.


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