Where to go Oswalt?

A couple seasons ago Roy Oswalt was a well-regarded starting pitcher and synonymous with the word “ace” in Houston. Now pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training and he is still without a job. But Oswalt still has good stuff, when he’s healthy. It seems like a regular occurrence that Roy is on the DL for at least a little time during the season, usually with a back issue. So, who’s going to look past his injury history to sign the talented pitcher?

I’ve always been a fan of Oswalt, mainly for his relatively small size. Though the 6′-0″ pitcher is taller than the writer of this post, he’s somewhat short when profiled against the prototypical starting pitcher. Regardless of his size, Roy still has the ability to be viable mid-rotation starter when healthy.

There have been four main teams linked with Oswalt this winter. The first, the Washington Nationals, have capped off their notable rotation improvements this winter with a one-year deal with Edwin Jackson. They are seemingly out of the running as their rotation is more than full and have been even shopping around John Lannan.

The Boston Red Sox have been interested in signing Oswalt, especially after dealing off Marco Scutaro. However, Oswalt didn’t seem interested for geographical reasons.

The Cardinals and Rangers have full rotations, but both have been rumored to be interested in Oswalt as a reliever. Yet there are rumors that the Rangers are trying to offload Koji Uehara to free up the funds and roster space for Oswalt.

The Mississippi native seems interested in staying in or near the southeast and obviously wants to play for a potential contender as he is in the twilight of his career and wants to take home a ring before it too late. That leaves the options limited. Beyond those already listed, the Astros are rebuilding; the Braves and the Rays have rotations that are overflowing; the Marlins’ rotation seems full; the Reds, Royals, and Pirates seem too far away and possibly too far away from contention.

The choices are certainly limited for Oswalt, but some team will find the payroll room to sign him. There’s just too much talent left in his arm to not sign the former Astros ace.


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